Our Mastering booth is centred around the Custom-Made Masterdisk NYC Mastering console, designed by Chris Muth and Don Cumindale. We have paid particular attention to our processing chain, both in analog and digital. We don’t just use an analog mastering console, but also several other machines, modified specifically for our engineer.

The acoustic of the booth was designed by Michel Deluc, in accordance with our specifications, the dimensions of the booth, the console and the choice of the speakers.

We accept all file formats, from hard disc to DVD, from DAT to U-Matic, both for mastering and for audio restoration. For each Master CD (choice of DDPI or PMCD) we provide a Safety CD.


Always a lover of music and fan of jazz and rock, in 1993 Eric Chevet decided to cross the Atlantic to attend Berklee College of Music & Production in Boston.

On his return to France in 1995, with his diploma in hand, he started work at the Studio de la Seine as an assistant before quickly moving up to In-House Engineer.

Amongst many other projects and engagements, he mixed the soundtrack to Taxi 1 (platinum disc) then left to work for La Cosca in Marseille, where he was in charge of albums such IAM, Akhenaton, Comme un Aimant (soundtrack) (platinum disc) with Bruno Coulais, which enabled him to work in prestigious studios such as Electric Lady, Batterie Studio , Sterling Sound and Masterdisk in New York and Omega, Davout, Plus XXX, Guillaume Tell in Paris, and even Digital Studio in Capri, mixing and mastering all his projects.

In 2005, he decided to specialise in Mastering and joined the team to establish Masterdisk Europe. In 2006, the studio opened and Eric was able to take advantage of his years of experience on two continents and musical diversity, by successfully mastering many projects.


Can’t attend the session due to a last minute emergency?
Wherever you happen to be, you can access to Masterdisk Europe’s Mastering.
Just contact us to receive your login to our secure server, and connect directly to our website.
There you can also use our WeTransfer channel to send us a single or urgent version.
Your files can be in wav. or aiff., ideally in 44.1Khz/24bits or 96Khz/24bits for the "Mastered for i-Tunes" format.

You can then download your mastered files so that you can listen to and check them.
We can provide you with either a DDPI file, ready for direct duplication, or all the wav. files.


Your welcome and well-being when you are with us are as important as your Mastering.

Our lounge and bar await you, with plasma screen, cable, DVD player, secure Wi-Fi access, for films, games, meetings or simply to read a magazine with a good cup of coffee.
For all-day meetings, Masterdisk Europe offers a range of varied restaurants, only a stone’s throw from the studio, or you can even eat onsite. From Japanese to Italian, from a sandwich to an Indian, we have it all.

Staying in Paris?

We have a list of hotels, from 2- to 5-star, less than five minutes from the studio, that only the prestigious Etoile quarter can offer.
We want every moment you spend here to be special.

Welcome to Masterdisk Europe!